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Kids will love figuring out the stories behind these familiar pictures.

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  • What if the use of robots in school becomes a workable reality?
  • What questions might you ask them?

If so, write about the experience! Your mom announces she is having a yard sale.

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Were you ever in a fire, flood, tornado, or hurricane? What do you think? You are baking a cake, but you accidentally put salt in the cake instead of sugar.

  1. How have you changed?
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Research what each ingredient is. A kind teacher that I will always remember.

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Describe what kinds of things you would do with your powers. Describe a great fort you built for a great game you played as a child.

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Why did you like it? Tell why you chose this person and tell what you do together.

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The most important thing that I learned last year in school was I am a windmill. The saying goes, "Money cannot buy happiness. Brainstorm with emojis.

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  • Write about a time you gave someone good advice.
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Did you ever get lost in a strange town? Tell the story about what happened. If you could create any law, what would it be? What would you do if you were the President?