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Liverpool University Press A monograph based on a thesis would only be considered for publication after extensive revision. Digital copies of theses and copies made for library or institutional use always require the author's written permission.

Granted these presses get many proposals, but there are ways to stay organized.

What is our policy?

Checking existing publications on the subject Before you sit down to investigate a particular topic and write up your findings in an article, do your research! Oh yes, a book is a commercial product Publishers look at a manuscript in terms of its commercial potential oxford university press phd thesis a thesis examiner will be looking at it to judge its scholarly credentials. Don't rely on being an entirely original genius, but engage in a written discussion with your colleagues, respecting and responding to all the great ideas that are already in circulation.

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Therefore, when deciding whether or not to take a project on they have to project the anticipated sales from the book and whether those make it a viable publication prospect for them. My two colleagues also worked with her and found her utterly unprofessional. The book has been well-reviewed and I also appreciate how they continue to promote the book even a few years out.

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Did they provide a example phd thesis abstract contact? They only want to publish 'household names' — read white, western patriarchs that middle class little englanders love It took six cover letter for creative writing position for a general response to the proposal, and even then the main editor I was trying to reach ignored the proposal oxford university press phd thesis an additional two months before a hasty rejection.

There should be some accountability for such unprofessional creative writing rubric 5th grade. I waited because this editor is well known and worth it oxford university press phd thesis my topic.

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My first book, based on my doctoral thesis and published by Cambridge University Press, was deemed to be well written, and I began to be mentioned as an academic who could write things people enjoyed reading. Certainly the book should be on the same topic.

Despite valid points for the most part, withering and condescending tone. Editors changed, then on top of that, 5 months until received email of rejection. I discovered by the oddest of chances, through an Eastern European journal, that the reviewer was a UK professor who had published a paperback on the topic, one of the popular paperbacks still.

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This all took six months. The final book looks great, too!

  1. Or, you might for example have an opportunity to publish a book-review in a non-academic context, a newspapers or a magazine, in which case you must adjust your writing style and the content of your piece to an entirely non-specialized public.
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  4. Tried again after 5 months, no reply.
  5. Even within the same publisher, editors working in fields as diverse as philosophy, computer science, economics, literary theory, etc.
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Perhaps some of our friends at university presses could inform us as to whether worries about the availability of dissertations co-opting the market for books based on them affect their decisions about what to publish.

But several can be highlighted: a strong topic, good cohesiveness around that topic, and a contributor line-up with a reasonable geographical and gender mix and a sprinkling of big names. I was told when I was approved for a contract, first by the editorial committee, and then by the skype homework help board.

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Check whether they might be appropriate. If a textbook includes illustrations certain paper thickness is required.

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Southern Illinois University Press Very happy with my experience. Government employees If you are or were a UK Crown servant and the article has been written in that capacity, we have an arrangement with HMSO to enable us to publish it while acknowledging that it is Crown Copyright.

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I must say that I repeatedly hear comments about how attractive our books are, and especially our book covers, are. I was asked to make the revisions without first signing a contract, which I proceeded to do.

A few hundred dollars in royalties i need someone to write my essay for me get paid for a scholarly monograph — but more might be made for a book published for a popular readership, or an undergraduate textbook.

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In my experience, the whole process so far from solicitation of manuscript to review to contract has been marked by exemplary care and consideration on the part of the editors. It takes time in any case for individual purchases of a book to pick up—after word about a book has gotten out, reviews have appeared, and professors have been able to consider new titles for courses.

Excellent experience, echoing the above.

This is a pattern for predatory publishers of all kinds. Sometimes authors of narrowly academic books expect the same kind of publicity and promotion that suits a book for general readers.

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Requests for embargoes that exceed the Faculty thresholds will require Faculty consideration. Did the editor ask for an exclusive review of your manuscript?

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I think that if publishers offer outstanding peer review and excellent production including copy-editing, which is in fact currently sliding from generally mediocre to largely incompetentas well as wide distribution, academic authors should be satisfied.

My book went on to being published by a press with a 10 page research paper rep. There are significant gaps in their offerings on a particular topic, which also brings to light their inability to run the press with rhyme or reason.

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Those signals can often take the form of a recommendation from a trusted advisor or another author or a prominent university example phd thesis abstract massachusetts creative writing mfa in the field.

Our older titles might not at the moment, but we dissertation in psychology working on this.

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Professional, highly competent, open-minded, and printed a stunningly beautiful book.