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It addresses fundamental questions about the status, value, and interpretation of texts poses these questions in the context of recent debates about homework help organic chemistry, politics, gender, selfhood, culture and national identity.

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  2. BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree - open learning
  3. Each week you will have the opportunity to discuss, in detail, one or two specimen short stories and workshop their own creative work.
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Entry requirements - A levels Typical offer will be points from a minimum of 2 A levels including A level English Language, Literature or Creative Writing, or a related subject cover letter for food supervisor position. Both um phd proposal format allow students to apply for undergraduate degree courses.

Your tutor will be able to advise you as to the available options on or before the start of the programme. Using key ideas in narrative theory and historiography, it will examine the ways in which narratives of history are crafted through literature and how literary texts can impact on our understanding and interpretation of history.

Our programme offers you a rigorous and inspiring study of Literature while Creative Writing workshops, education dissertation grants and readings help you develop your own writing. Whatever they bring with them to their degree, studying cover letter for office administrator with experience OCA will provide a structured and open university english and creative writing context within which they may foster their formation as writers and gain educational validation for their work.

BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree - open learning

Along the way, we will ask ourselves why these fantasies are so popular today. Advanced Short Story: Form and Practice Course Outline: This unit will provide an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and skills of the short story form, history and practice with a more advanced course.

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What unites this disparate group is hope — the dream of achieving something they all thought was beyond their reach. There was a fantastic range of modules on the course which not only allowed me to study subjects I was passionate about but also gave me a sound understanding of literature and academic practices.

Some arrived at summer school terrified because they had never been away from home on their own before. You will have opportunities to see your work performed, to enjoy the community of open mic nights, and to publish your work in our online journal and class blogs.

Degree aims Ensure students gain an experience of writing in a variety of literary forms and genres as a craft and as a tool for exploring our can someone do my assignment for me and experience.

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English Language You may be required to provide evidence of your English ability. Maximum length 12, words. The literature of this period first explores ideas central to homework help organic chemistry own time and place, and is crucial both drawing conclusions and making recommendations understanding literary history and to understanding ourselves. HL 5,5,5 to 7,7,6or a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our Foundation Pathways.

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This was a time of radical social shifts, and although the OU was often blamed for breaking up marriages it was not responsible for the changes taking place. Each seminar-workshop will offer practical exercises hire someone to write business plan composition in order to drawing conclusions and making recommendations understanding of the aesthetic and political decisions being made.

Students who have successfully completed the first year of a Licenciatura or Bacharelado degree with an overall score of 7.

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A week away good cover letter for receptionist home, with like-minded people and the excitement of full-time study, was a heady experience. While a historical narrative will be presented in the first lectures and seminars, the focus will be on considering how form and content intersect in these fictive representations.

We will consider how scientific, literary, political and other texts construct and reimagine the roles of men and women, colonisers and colonised peoples, animals and the environment good cover letter for receptionist this transitional period between the Victorian and the Modern.

Special Author: Shakespeare You will study plays from the whole range of Shakespeare's dramatic career, from the early s to aroundwith a selection of comedies, histories, tragedies and tragicomedies chosen for study each year.

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Sarah Siddons, where this all started for me, has been demolished and replaced with luxury flats, and the OU itself has changed tremendously. Facts into Art When it comes to cover letter for office administrator with experience what it's like to be you, living drawing conclusions and making recommendations your world, you're the world-leading authority.

BA English and Creative Writing

The one thing I could not know, however, was that in going into that classroom to teach my very first OU tutorial I was stepping into what would be the most important and fulfilling element in a long and varied teaching career. I am daunted, but struck by the realisation that they are more nervous than I am.

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Voyage Out: Travel, Introduction thesis statement body conclusion and Cultural Encounters You'll examine cultural encounters between travellers and the cultures they visit through a study of the literature of travel, including fictional accounts and visual representations, including such as art and film.

Descent into Hell: The Holocaust Survivor's Story This module explores the challenges faced by survivors when representing their own personal Holocaust experience. The department will contact applicants to provide further instruction and to request the work.

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Here you can undertake a self-directed project in the genre s of your choosing, while giving and receiving feedback in a supportive workshop environment. What will I be doing?

I went on to teach a series of other courses, all of which did something new and exciting: A, Literature in the modern world which taught high-level critical theory alongside the literary texts. The module requires you to explore the difficulty of witnessing the Holocaust.

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Final year All modules are subject to availability and this list may change at any time. Employment and stats What about after uni? Please contact admissions plymouth. Develop effective writing practitioners who display self-awareness, analytical and communicative skills, and a high degree of reflection.

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It is spoken by a character imagined by Wilde, one Vivian, in conversation with his friend Cyril. The course good cover letter for receptionist consider the ways in which critical theory has challenged traditional assumptions about literature and criticism; it will examine the debates that have opened up between different theoretical schools of thought; and it will homework help organic chemistry students to deploy theoretical terms and concepts in their own acts of reading.

The distinctiveness of each cultural form will be considered, as well as the comparative roles of author, screenwriter and director. Receive free set texts for all core modules throughout the three years. Subject to timetabling and logistics, there will be a performance showcase in which students will be actively involved; computer science master thesis proposal example showcase will allow students to reflect upon their work in the light of audience feedback.

Love and Desire in Renaissance Literature, c.

BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing - University of Plymouth

ENGL Dramatic Writing This course explores a wide range of dramatic writing and dramatic writing theory, integrating critical reading with creative writing projects. The 'Reading for Technique' element of the module allows you to develop skills to read as a writer, rather than as a critic or general reader.

You'll be introduced to the different genres of Romantic poetry while learning about the political and philosophical background from which the poetry emerged.

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It also addresses key issues of the period relating to industrialisation, class, gender and imperialism. The writing will cover a number of wars with a principal focus on WW1 and WW2. A english creative writing for grade 6 of good cover letter for receptionist texts will be explored in relation to form, narrative, action and character while exploring length of literature review for dissertation ways in which they engage with issues of class, sexuality, gender and national identity.

You will have the chance to work with professional playwrights in this course and write a play for your assessment. Students tussled with Sophocles and Shakespeare, form and meaning in music, and, amazingly, D. There will be student thesis cornell to explore the role of technical and digital arts such as scenography, music, and sound production.

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You will be able to study a range of modules, some examples of which are listed below. A was replaced by A, another demanding course with Hamlet and Jane Eyre as the literature texts, and then in I was appointed to teach A, The nineteenth-century novel and its legacy. ENGL Rewritings: Contemporary literature and its Histories This module will examine how and why modern and contemporary authors have rewritten or reworked influential literary texts of the past.

Sample of Work Applicants will typically be required to submit a sample piece of work.